The Seraphim

2007-10-31 04:18:43 by Spoony18

My Clan, The Seraphim is currently under construction. It revolves around Blams and Saves, and a cool ranking system that people might enjoy. Simple Rules, easy to be a member, pretty cool little setting.
Please check it out and if your interested, sign up and join the Seraphim today!

All of the how to's and question can be answered at the site, which is

The Seraphim

You may find it poorly built so far, but like i said, its under construction. i should have it up in about a day or so. so hopfully we can get some members pending for it!



NGDepartment of Defense: Forum Index

Go check it out! You definately want to go look if you qualify, so you can join the fight for safety and fun on NG.


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2007-11-09 17:42:53

ok dude i signd up for it you just need to activiite or something:)

Spoony18 responds:

your in :)


2008-02-18 11:13:42

I already joined. What department are you in and if you remember I just got FL Studios 7 and thatnks you really helped me out.